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Project Nehemiah Update:

April 30, 2018


My friend,

I want to get this news to you as soon as I could: a number of supporters pulled their efforts together and came up with a $500,000 matching challenge for Project Nehemiah!

Today, our largest-yet dollar for dollar matching challenge is on!

We have up to May 15, 2018 to come up with the match.

I thank God for gathering His people together, thank you for this good work and all that you have done with your heart!

Chapter 3 in the book of Nehemiah is more than a list of names, Nehemiah gave us a picture of the people, the blood, sweat and tears behind rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem. They worked night and day under constant threat of attack, working with one hand and holding a weapon in the other (Nehemiah 4:16-23). In a beautiful summary of their conviction and dedication, we find these words:

      "So the wall was completed on the twenty-fifth of Elul, in fifty-two days."

How did they do this in 52 days? What is their secret?

The secret here is not a great pastor, leader, or teacher. Just like the time of Nehemiah, the success of God's work hinges on God's people serving "as each part does its work"! The secret is regular folks like you and I doing God's work, not concerned about who gets the praise, as long as God is honored and people are coming to know Christ.

Would you be able to do your part today? Help us match this half a million and get us pass the second million mark! I’d be honored if you joined hands with Pui Tak Christian School during this critical time.

Give today for the sake of the children of God! Thank you!

In His Grace,

Bonnie Ho

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