Ms. Rosalind Yang - Ministry Partnership Liaison


Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Journalism, Northwestern University
                 Master of Arts in Teaching, National Louis University

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Family: I'm married to my best friend!

Why did you come to work at PTCS?

I came to PTCS because I see God clearly at work through the faculty and staff. The school impacts students, families, and the community in transformative ways. I am excited to be a part of growing with this school as it evolves to reach more families and neighborhoods in the city that I consider home.

How has working here changed you?

I enjoy the dynamic process of learning together. Each member of our school has something vital and irreplaceable to offer as we journey forward into the next chapter of our school's story. I'm grateful for the privilege to support our staff through this process of strengthening and stretching.

What are your favorite development moments?
I feel most myself when I can step back, almost outside of myself, in a classroom and see every student actively learning. The hum of minds at work, creatively engaged, is a beautiful sight to behold. It sounds, looks, and feels a specific way. You know it when you're in it!