Ms. Dorcas (Duojia) Li - Jr.K2

Degrees: MA in Education Studies, North Park University

Hometown: Beijing, China

Family: One younger brother, Mom, and Dad

Why did you come to teach at PTCS?

I have been praying during my senior year of college that I want to use my Chinese speaking ability to serve in Chicago. A church friend introduced to PTCS. My biggest concern at the time was not sure if I can stay in this country. I prayed to God that if it's His will, let me receive my visa before my contract starts, Two weeks before my contracted date, God answered my prayers. I took it as God’s confirmation and teaching at PTCS is divine appointment for me.

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

Teaching is such an exciting job for me, I learn so much about my students and myself. When I deliver my prepared lesson, I can see an immediate result in the class. It is my joy to see growth in my students. As I teach my students, I also realize how much I've improved as a teacher each day. I love to grow and learn together with my students.

What are your favorite moments with students?

One day when I was walking around in my classroom thinking, how can I make my lessons enjoyable? I found a puppet owl sitting in the corner and thought that I could give it a shot. When I pull out Mr. Owl, it got all the attention from my students. They learned about making good choices on the second day of Jr-k. It was a huge success for me.

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