Mrs. Penny Lee - Guidance Counselor 

Degrees: Fine Arts, BA; MSW, Hunter School of Social Work

Hometown: Birth place: China; Lived in New York City the longest so I consider NYC my hometown. 

Family: I have been married to Andrew Lee for 37+ years. We have three grown children and two grandchildren. All our children are married and each couple/family lives in a different state apart from us. My husband and I moved to Chicago from New York in 2012 in response to God's calling to work as the senior pastor of Chinese Christian Union Church (CCUC).

Why did you come to work at PTCS?

My husband's meeting with Pui Tak Christian School's principal, Bonnie Ho, connected us. It was through this meeting that I was eventually invited to work as the school's guidance counselor. She believed that my previous experience with the NYC public schools would help meet the needs at the PTCS. I accepted the offer because it was a ministry opportunity at CCUC and PTCS, even though I had retired to come to Chicago.

How has working here changed you?

Being older has prepared me to appreciate the constant changes in life. God has used every situation to teach me about His faithfulness. Working here at PTCS gives me the freedom to speak with parents about Christ. Praying with parents and co workers is a new experience for me. But I appreciate having the freedom to do so at a school. 

What are your favorite operations moments?

I enjoy helping parents and staff gain a better understanding of a child's emotional and social development and the roles they play in motivating their child toward more responsible and respectful choices. My favorite moments would be when parents come to me, expecting me to "fix" their child's mis-behaviors. But instead, I "fix" the parents by teaching them more proactive parenting strategies which will ultimately improve their child's behaviors.