Mrs. Angela Osgood - 2nd Grade


Degrees: Science in Elementary Education, BS

Hometown: Midvale, Ohio 

Family: Growing up I was the youngest of 3; I have an older sister and an older brother.  My father passed away when I was in college, but my mom is still one of my top sources of encouragement.  I am a proud aunt – I have 14 nieces and nephews, 15 if you count a teenager that I have mentored since she was seven.  I have been married for 8 years to my handsome husband, Tom.

Why did you come to teach at PTCS?

I moved to Chicago 12 years ago because I wanted to teach in a diverse setting.  I prefer teaching in a Christian school so I have the freedom to share Christ and His teachings with my students.  I was really impressed with all the good work CCUC/PTC was doing in Chinatown so I am happy to be on the team.  This will be my sixth year at PTCS.

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

What I enjoy most about teaching is the privilege I have to witness the incredible growth in a child throughout the course of the school year. It gives me incredible joy to be able to grow alongside my students and watch them become their own individual thinker.

What are your favorite moments with students?

My favorite moments with students are: chatting with them after a long weekend, helping them discover great books and authors, and supporting them in becoming better writers.