Mrs. Alyssa Rivas- 4th/5th grade


Degrees: Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, Moody Bible Institute

Hometown: Bellville, Ohio 

Why did you come to teach at PTCS?

 I came to PTCS after a lot of intentional prayer.  Being at Moody Bible Institute I heard a lot about the school, but never imagined that God would lead me to teach here!  I love the mission of PTCS and that there is such a focus on teaching children both academically and spiritually.  It is such a privilege and blessing to teach children that this is God's world and everything in it is His- even what we learn about in school.

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

Seeing student get excited about learning!  I love watching them explore and discover and try to figure things out about what they are interested in.  I also love getting to see the spark in students' eyes when they finally grasp something they have struggled with previously and the excitement they have for learning new things.   It is especially encouraging to see their excitement for learning about Jesus and the Word of God.

What are your favorite moments with students?

My favourite moments with students are: reading Bible stories together, getting to introduce them to a love for books and reading, and listening to their stories.

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