Ms. Alex Hubbard - 1st Grade

Alexandra Hubbard

Degrees: B.A. in Elementary Education from Moody Bible Institute

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri 

Family: I come from a big family of five siblings, ages ranging from married with children to middle schoolers! 


Why did you come to teach at PTCS? 

I have a calling to missions and to teaching, especially to those in need of an equal opportunity to quality education.  I love Chicago, and Pui Tak's mission to reach the people in their own neighborhood really drew me in.

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

My favorite part of teaching is read-aloud together with students. When we all get so drawn into the story and read/listen so eagerly and hungrily- I love that feeling! 

What are your favorite moments with students?

My favorite moments with students are when I get to talk with them one-on-one, outside of the classroom context. Whether during recess or dismissal, those little conversations about their soccer team or siblings or struggle with math can be so formative of our relationship. 

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